Soap Ends Bundle Pack


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  • Exactly what it sounds like. When a soap loaf is cut, there's a slice of soap that's "left over". These are large sample bars, at about 2 oz each- that's almost half a bar! 

    These smaller sized soaps are great for:
    ~ Hostess gifts
    ~ Trying out new scents
    ~ Travel, the gym, camping
    ~ Kitchen sink
    ~ Guest rentals
    ~ Little hands

    Each bundle is a random assortment of 3 or 5 slices, for a total of about 6-10 oz of handmade soap. It's an economical way to have plenty of handmade soap in stock, and to try a scent you may not have chosen on your own.

    Each bar is individually wrapped with a 100% biodegradable film to preserve scent integrity. Tap the tabs above to learn more ⬆️

  • Made in the cold-process method with olive oil, water, coconut oil, sodium hydroxide, shea butter, sunflower oil, cocoa butter, kokum butter and other additives depending on the soap variety.   

    Only a variety name label will be applied, please refer to the individual listing for all ingredients.
  • They may not look as perfect as one of my full sized bars, but they’re perfectly skin conditioning, none the less!

    They'll come tied in a bundle with twine, and individually wrapped in a bio degradable shrink to retain scent integrity. 

    Do yourself a favor and add a Simply Body Soap Net. This handy net bag is anti-bacterial, and makes zero-waste easy. Not only does it allow you to use every bit of your handmade soap, it gently exfoliates and creates an abundant lather, too. It's by far the best soap net I've found!

    If there's a soap variety you'd like to try, leave a note on the Shopping Cart page. If I have it available, I'd be happy to include it!


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Jessica Montalvo
Great Value For The Price

This is the best of both worlds! You get to try some amazing soap for a great price! You’ll soon discover though that they are all your favorites!

Donna L
Soap ends are the best ends

This was a great deal! The soaps are quite larger than I expected and you get so many of them to try! Such a great deal that I almost didn’t want to write a review out of fear that they will always be sold out now!!! I plan to buy this again and again.

Leslie B

I use these for my hands in my personal bathroom. I like that I can switch around because I LOVE them all:)


These soaps smell sooooo good. Not only do they smell great, but they later up very well, which is important to me and hard to find in a pure, 'clean', healthy for you, soap.
I purchased the sampler pack so I could see which scents I liked the best. Now I have a big problem.....I like them all!
The items were shipped immediately and arrived quickly. Overall great company. Well done, GildedOliveSoaps!

Eva B

I ordered these ad a surprise gift for my preschool age granddaughters who are fascinated with soap. They love the colors and scents. It was a big hit with the kids and their parents.