Because for as long as I can remember, I've had a love affair with all things vintage.

Gilded Olive Apothecary Over The Moon

Hello! I'm Valerie, and I've always loved a great bar of soap. I make mine with nourishing plant oils that will leave your skin feeling like silk.

I love those old, fancy labels that were used to decorate  everyday items..

And tea cups so thin, they were almost translucent.
The Roaring 20's and Art Deco was so different than anything that came before or after it.

And hows about those Flapper Girls?

Judged wild and disgraceful by the older generation, when most declined a new experience, the Flapper Girl said yes.

 Family, Long Island & Legacy

Over warm tea and toast, my grandma loved to share stories of growing up.
She was born in 1918 and told me about her mother, Bobbie, who made the 'brown soap' in their tiny kitchen.
Grandma's No Waste Kitchen Brown Soap
The homemade soap was a harsh concoction, made of rendered animal fats and lye-water and chopped into rough blocks. 

And it was essential. It was used it for everything from scrubbing dishes and washing clothes, to washing away the days dirt from tiny hands and faces.

But grandma loved the colorful soaps she could buy from the store. Carefully lined up on her shiny wood dresser, they were a sweet prize in a pretty package, and as a young girl, I coveted those fancy soaps.

Always an object of my affection, I learned how to make my own soap in 2011.

I think useful items created with good intention, carry an energy of positivity.
I appreciate the labor of love that is anything handmade, and I want to begin and end my days with these lovely things.

Thanks for stopping by, there's nothing too serious going on here. I hope you find something that makes you smile.

Gilded Olive Apothecary Handmade Bath, Body and Soy Candles Long Island New York
“Cut off all your hair
Did you flinch, did you care?
Did he look, did he stop and stare
At your brand new hair?

Flapper girl, flapper girl

Prohibition in curls
Hair of gold and neck of curls
It’s flapper girl.”

Flapper Girl -
The Lumineers 2012

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