Natural Sea Wool Sponge


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  • These Natural Sea Wool Sponges are hand-harvested, sustainable, bio-degradable and naturally anti-bacterial. Bathing with a natural sponge feels incredible. They can feel stiff when dry, but soften up to a silky, wooly feel when wet. These amazing sponges create mounds of soap suds, and help exfoliate and invigorate skin!

    Deep sea sponges have been hailed as the ultimate bathing tool since the beginning of time. The Greeks, Romans and Egyptian civilizations all understood their tremendous value. Add one to your cleansing routine, and you'll never want to be without it, again.

  • Squeezing out excess water and letting your sponge air dry is the most important thing you can do to extend the life of your sponge.

    If desired, every 6-12 months, you can freshen up your sponge with a weak bathing solution of either baking soda OR hydrogen peroxide and water.

    Use 2 Tbsp baking soda to 16 oz water, OR 1 part hydrogen peroxide to 20 parts water. Leave sponge in solution for at least 2 hours and then rinse  thoroughly and let dry.
  • These popular, medium sized sponges are approximately 4.5" - 5" across when wet.

    Did you know that Sea Sponges are animals, not plants? They're a type of simple animal that has no nervous system or organs. This means they don’t have eyes, ears or the ability to physically feel anything. However, they do have specialized cells that carry out different functions within their bodies.

    The sponges are sustainably harvested along the Gulf of Mexico, the Florida Keys and the Caribbean. The divers leave a certain portion of the living base which helps the sponge grow back quickly, at about 2 inches per year.

    100% biodegradable, they also create less waste than a synthetic sponge of the same size would.

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Gina Loiacono

Love this so much wish I got it sooner. Soft enough for your face as well. Drys nicely and lathers wonderful.