Basic Soap-Making Class


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  • Learn how to make your own soap in this hands-on workshop for beginners, located in Medford, New York.

    Imagine formulating your own soap, or making incredible holiday gifts for your family and friends! Handmade soap is far superior for your skin than any mass produced soap and soapmaking is an incredibly valuable, life-long skill.

    My soap making classes are held with only four students at a time, and designed to provide the personal attention I think the craft deserves. This ensures you'll learn how to make soap properly and safely. The class moves along slowly, making sure everyone understands each step as we go.

    Together we'll explore everything you need to know about the traditional, cold-process method of soapmaking. You can be fully present and won't have to commit it all to memory, because I include everything we discuss in written form for you to take home. Your folder will include information on:

    • Basic Supplies and where to buy them
    • Lye Safety
    • Instructions on using a lye calculator- formulate your own soap recipe
    • Research resources
    • History of Soapmaking- What is Soap?
    • (3) Beginner recipes
    • Tips on unmolding, cutting, & curing
    • Troubleshooting, tips & tricks

    You'll be taking home about two pounds of your own soap (6-8 bars) and the confidence to try out your new skill at home.

    I've been making soap since 2011 and I've spent heaps of time and money, learning. Taking this class will save you a lot of trial and error, because I love sharing everything I've learned with you. I'll give you my best advice and help you avoid some really common mistakes new soapers make.. like buying ALL the things.. 

    OKAY, I'M IN! So what's next?

    Purchase the class and please include your phone number. You'll receive an email follow-up, so check your spam folder if you don't see it within 5 minutes.

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Customer Reviews

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Pepper's Mom
Amazing Class!!

I have always wanted to make my own soaps. I’m a DIY, “crafty “ girl. Despite watching countless videos and doing tons of reading, nothing could have prepared me to make my own soap like Valerie’s class. Valerie is patient, explaining throughout the way, teaching safety protocols, supervising us while allowing us to do the steps independently- making our own individual batches of soaps. Valerie also shared 2 recipes and taught us how to use soap calculators. She truly is inspiring, and amazing at her craft. This class was honestly one of the best gifts I ever gave myself. Wish I found her sooner!!

Dina Bert
Excellent Class!

I can’t recommend this class enough. To learn this primitive craft by such a knowledgeable person like Valerie is so valuable. I appreciate what she and other soap makers do all the more.
Great people to spend the day with in a clean, organized environment to learn. Valerie has years of experience, expertise in this field that she so graciously shares. A true Master of her craft. Very inspiring, providing so much knowledge and information to safely create soaps for yourself if you choose. Thank you so much Valerie. 😊

Great way to spend an afternoon

This is the first review I have ever written; but I had so much fun with Valerie, I wanted to share my experience. Being a craft junkie, I've always wanted to learn to make soap, but wanted to do it in person, not on line or through books. I tried to find a class on Long Island, but it was during the Pandemic and Val, rightfully so, was not holding classes. I asked to be contacted when classes resumed and about a month or so ago, Val reached out. My crafting buddy and I took the class together. It was great. Val was so friendly; she made us feel at home immediately. She answered all our questions, provided advice, guidance and tricks of the trade. Taking her class is like hanging out with a well-informed best friend. Her studio is amazing and her products are divine. We had a blast and look forward to making soap on our own. For anyone who enjoys crafting and wants to learn to make soap, Val's class is a must.

Lydia M
Awesome soap making class

I have always been fascinated with making homemade products. I love cooking and sewing and crafting. I was a little afraid of soap making since it can be dangerous because you are using lye which can be very toxic. But Valerie's class was so easy going and relaxed that all those fears were gone the minute she started talking to me. She is very informative and easy to talk to and also a great teacher and gave a personal touch to her class. I can't wait to share my beautiful soap with friends and family. I will definitely will recommend her class. Thanks again Valerie :-)

Soap making class

Had a wonderful experience learning how to make hand made soap. Valerie is an absolute wonderful teacher! She shares so much soap making information. She is welcoming and makes you feel at ease. She shares so much soap making information. You not only leave with the beautiful soap you created, but also a folder of soap making information.