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Basic Soap-Making Class


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  • Located in Medford, New York, learn basic soap making in my home workshop.

    Imagine formulating your own soap, or making incredible gifts for friends and family. Handmade soap is far superior for your skin than any mass produced bar, and soapmaking is a great skill to have. 

    My soap classes are small, only four students at a time. It's designed to provide plenty of personal attention, and ensure that you're making soap properly and safely. I'll help you gain confidence in working with lye. I'll be right by your side, making sure you understand each step as we go along.

    Together we'll explore everything you need to know about the cold-process method of soapmaking. You'll leave with a folder full of information which includes:

    -Basic Supplies & Recommended Suppliers for Soapmaking
    -Sodium Hydroxide/Lye Safety
    -History of Soapmaking
    -(2) Basic Recipes
    -Tips on Unmolding, Cutting, Curing and more

    You'll also be taking home about two pounds of your own soap, (6-8 bars) and the confidence to try out your new skill at home. I've spent heaps of time and money during my eleven year's of making soap, and I'm excited to share everything I've learned with you!

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  • A shoe box (or similar) + two-three dish towels.
    You'll be going home with wet soap batter in the mold, so the towels help stabilize the mold within the box, while keeping the batter warm.

    A lap top is helpful when we learn how to use the online lye calculator, but I have one here, so it's not necessary. 

    I'll provide safety goggles and latex gloves in sizes medium and large. I also keep medium vinyl gloves on hand, but if you'd prefer to bring your own, feel free to do so. 
  • Hands on learning in a small, friendly environment. 

    I provide all soap-making tools and materials, and show you how to use a free online lye calculator, so you can formulate your own soap recipes at home.

    You'll be making about two pounds of soap and you'll choose from one of three scents and a color. You can also choose to keep your soap all-natural and fragrance free.

    On the day of class, you'll receive a folder filled with information on lye safety, soap-making history, properties of oils & fats, trouble-shooting tips, curing & storage information, basic supplies needed, recommended vendors and more.

    When you purchase a class, you'll receive an email with all the information you'll need. At checkout, check the box that allows me to send you emails. Please submit your phone number too, just in case I have to get in touch for any reason. After you receive your first email, you can always hit that reply button if you have questions for me.
  • Your payment is your registration and is non-refundable. In an effort to give the personal attention I think soap-making calls for, I prefer to keep the classes very small. 

    By purchasing a class, you are saying that you have read this entire page, and agree to the policies below. I am located in Medford New York, and this hands-on class will take place in my home soap studio.

    MINIMUM AGE: This basic soap making class uses caustic lye and is designed for adults, over the age of 17. If you feel your teen is mature enough to attend a class (with or without you) please discuss it with me before purchasing

    WHAT NOT TO BRING: Please don't bring additional people. This includes spouses, friends, or children. I have a small studio and we'll be working with lye, which is a strong caustic. Unexpected guests pose a safety hazard.

    REFUND POLICY: All payments are non-refundable. Lots of time and effort goes into preparing for a soap class. If you need to cancel or change your class date, please give 48-hour notice.

    I understand that sometimes life happens, and will offer class credit on a case by case basis, as long as sufficient notice is given. No-Call/No-Shows will NOT be refunded, nor will class credit be given.

    MY RIGHT TO CANCEL: In the case where enrollment is below the studio minimum of 2 students, the teacher has the right to cancel on the Thursday prior to the class. If a class is cancelled you will be contacted using the phone number and/or e-mail address that you provided upon purchase.

    You can either choose another date for class right away, or keep the credit on file for the future. The credit will not expire.

    INCLEMENT WEATHER: If a class has to be cancelled due to snow, you'll choose another available date that works for you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Lydia M
Awesome soap making class

I have always been fascinated with making homemade products. I love cooking and sewing and crafting. I was a little afraid of soap making since it can be dangerous because you are using lye which can be very toxic. But Valerie's class was so easy going and relaxed that all those fears were gone the minute she started talking to me. She is very informative and easy to talk to and also a great teacher and gave a personal touch to her class. I can't wait to share my beautiful soap with friends and family. I will definitely will recommend her class. Thanks again Valerie :-)

Soap making class

Had a wonderful experience learning how to make hand made soap. Valerie is an absolute wonderful teacher! She shares so much soap making information. She is welcoming and makes you feel at ease. She shares so much soap making information. You not only leave with the beautiful soap you created, but also a folder of soap making information.

Soap making

What a great class gives you a healthy respect for the craft, Valerie is a very knowledgeable and giving teacher enjoyed myself would do class again

Tiffany Gentile
The Best Class I’ve Ever Taken

I took this class in the spring and have to say, this was the most incredible class I’ve ever taken. Valerie was thorough and informative of not just what to do but why you have to do it that way. She is incredibly talented, kind and patient. Her workshop is clean and well organized. You will not be disappointed and will walk out with a life skill that most have never dreamed of. I try to make soaps once a week and my friends and family benefit from my soap making skills. Book the class today, you won’t regret it!