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The Flapper Set | Handmade Soap Bundle


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A luxuriously handcrafted soap bundle. You'll receive the original four: Daisy, Olivia, Sophie & Zelda.. OR ..

If you'd like four of the same soaps, or a different scent combination, simply leave a note at checkout!
Please check to see if the soap is in stock before ordering.

These mild olive-oil soaps are great for your skin and beautifully scented in timeless fragrances. All the girls are here, get The Flapper Set!

Eve is a loofah infused soap bar, made with Aloe juice, and scented in fresh fig. Earthy and slightly sweet, she's very popular!

Daisy is scented in fresh lemon verbena, and made with soothing Aloe Vera Juice and Calendula Petals

Jane is fragrance-free, all natural oatmeal soap. Made to calm itchy, dry skin, it's made with finely ground oats and creamy oat-milk for skin soothing goodness. 

Josephine is scented in grounding sandalwood, soft amber and patchouli. Rhassoul Clay gives it a mineral-rich, silky lather that's great for shaving

Lucy (*Spring/Summer Seasonal) is a fresh & minty loofah scrub bar, anchored by a drop of naturally deodorizing tea tree oil 

Maxine (*Fall/Winter Seasonal) is a pumpkin soap, scented in sweet orange, grounded by warm clove 

Olivia is a clay soap, scented in fresh, leafy greens and soft musk, and contains lots of mineral-rich, natural clays that are great for your skin

Sophie is scented in timeless woody and floral lavender, and made with organic coconut milk and a triple-butter formula

Zelda is scented in softly sweet vanilla, and made with creamy, organic coconut milk and ground vanilla bean


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Michelle C.

We love the soaps at our house! My skin feels wonderfully soft after use, NEVER tight and dry like store soaps. Will always be a customer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The scents are wonderful and natural smelling, not overly perfumed. Great packaging, we received as a gift and this has been one of our faves since.

Robert Arrigon

After experiencing Val's soaps, you will never be satisfied with traditional store brands again. Why not be good to your body? It's the only one you will ever have. My wife and I have been using these soaps for several years now and we would not for even a second consider buying anything else. Old world craftsmanship can never be beat! If you haven't tried Val's products yet, do so the next time you need one of the products she produces - you will be very happy you did!

Cindy Farnsworth
Best Soap Ever

Handcrafted luxury in a bar. I'm exclusively using Gilded Olive soap from now on. Plus when the package arrives, it's like opening a gift. The packaging is gorgeous and everything smells so good!

Melissa Barget
Soap happy!

I recently ordered soaps, deodorant and a candle. They were shipped quickly and packaged beautifully! The soap scent is amazing and long lasting, the deodorant works well and the candles smell beautiful!!

Who doesn’t love a bundle!

I can’t get enough of these soaps. Each one is amazing, and I love the option to mix and match. You can’t go wrong with any of the scents, they all smell great. Thank you Valerie, you sure are one talented woman!