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Wood Soap Dish


  • Wood soap dish, handcrafted in Beech, Birch, Poplar or Spanish Cedar Wood. These hardwood soap decks are moisture resilient, and left unfinished. The deep ridges prevent your handmade soap from sitting in water and melting away.

    Coconut oil is naturally anti-bacterial, and can be applied to seal the dish, if desired. Just be aware that sealing your soap dish with any oil will not only protect it, but also deepen the color. 

    A soap dish significantly extends the life of your handmade soaps, but did you know you can extend the life of the dish, too?

    Buy a pair of soap dishes, and switch them out every couple of weeks. Wipe the resting one clean, let it dry out completely, and your wood soap dish will last twice as long!
  • This soap dish measures 2.75 inches by 4 inches by 3/4 inch thick. Each dish has been carefully hand-sanded on all edges, creating a soft, elegant finish. They make a great addition to any soap gift.
  • Poplar hardwood varies in color from white to milky cream to minty green.
    Beech hardwood varies in color from a pinkish tinge to almost red, with a nice speckled wood grain.
    Birch is a heavy hardwood that is a creamy beige color.
    Spanish Cedar is an aromatic hardwood that is a warmer, almost orange-rusty color.

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