Crisp Apple Soy Wax Candle


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  • Our Crisp Apple Soy wax Candle smells so true to life, it'll make your mouth water!

    Juicy and tart, this fragrance begins with top notes of green leaves and pear, sitting on mid notes of tart apple & grounded by a shot of vanilla bourbon.

    A fresh scent, reminiscent of an apple orchard in September, its fruits ripe for the picking. A fall favorite for sure, but it makes a thoughtful gift, any time of year! A refreshing 'pick' for teacher, dinner host or housewarming party.

    Hand-poured into classic mason jars, these clean burning soy candles are all dressed up in apple green, Art Deco style. 
  • 8 fl oz straight sided jars are 2.63" wide by 3.54" tall. Wax NET weight is 6.2 oz, burn time is approximately 40 hrs.
    ☞ 12 fl oz canning jars are 2.9" wide by 4.72" tall. Wax NET weight is 10 oz, burn time is approximately 70 hours.
    ☞ Cotton wick
    Phthalate-free fragrance oil
    ☞ Recycled mason jars are heat-safe and made in the USA
  • When burning, always allow enough time for the candle to form a full melt pool. For best results burn candles in four hour increments. The melted wax should reach all edges of the glass with each burn. 

    Candles get hotter as the flame burns lower in the jar, which will eventually melt any wax 'hang-up' on the sides. Burning your candle long enough is important, as it prevents tunneling, uses up all the wax and leaves you with a clean jar. 

    A full melt-pool also provides the best scent release!

    After four hours, briefly rest the lid on the top of the candle to gently extinguish. Always trim the wick to 1/4" before re-lighting. It will produce a like-new burn and greatly reduce any sooting. 

Customer Reviews

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Donna L
Like a crisp green apple straight from the orchard!

This candle is so yummy! It’s a perfect fall scent. Will definitely be ordering it again.

Jessalyn S
Apple soy candle 🍏

Smells amazing! I love everything from this store!

Jon Turchi

The candles are great. Can’t wait to try another scent


This candle smells just like apples! It is such a nice candle!

Karen Fullerton
Wonderful candles!

These candles smell and look divine! Can’t wait to order more!