Giving Back

My first stray dog followed me home from school when I was in the fourth grade. My parents were easy about taking in pets, and rarely said no. These orphan animals were welcomed and loved in our home, for the rest of their days. Somehow, they always seemed to know they were lucky, and they were grateful. Always so grateful.

Pets are not a throw away item, yet every day, more and more end up in kill shelters around the country. Lucky are those who are rescued and cared for by kind people. There are many animal rescue organizations doing a great job, but all this good work takes time, open hearts and funding.

Although my initial donations to local pet rescue's has been only $25 at a time, I believe it's better to start small, than not at all.

Going forward, $1 from each sale of my Whipped Body Cream will go to help support these organizations, along with other limited edition products,
designated for fundraising.

Each sale will help shelter, feed, rehabilitate and re-home these animals, so go ahead and treat yourself!

I've reached out to some local organizations that are doing stellar work, and they agreed to let me share their information here:

Last Chance Animal Rescue

Located in Southhampton, New York,
Last Chance Animal Rescue runs ongoing Adoption Events at local Petco Stores.
  Click HERE, to see the schedule, the animals available for adoption,
        or to make a donation!
P.S.- My sweet mother in law just adopted a dog from Last Chance, her name is Trina, and she's a great little girl!

       Almost Home Animal Rescue 

 Located in Patchogue, New York, Almost Home Animal Rescue & Adoption, Inc. runs ongoing events you can check out HERE.
Wondering how the adoption process works? Read about it HERE.

All donations help, even if they're small. The shelters are always happy to take old blankets, bedding and anything else that might provide comfort to these animals during their time there. Thanks for caring!