Daisy's mother said the animals loved her, because they knew how much she loved them back. And young Daisy knew it was true, because she did.
She loved them very much. 

While Daisy walked around their farm, working and daydreaming of growing up, she was always followed by the dogs or cat's and sometimes even the hens.

Daisy's family owned a potato farm in Riverhead, New York. Her family all worked it, and there was always plenty to be done. Long Island was a great place to grow potatoes. Wooden potato houses built on concrete block were built halfway into the earth, and dotted the roadways that led east.

Daisy's mother grew a bunch of stuff in her garden, including strawberries. She always had some red jam packed in mason jars and ready to sell. When the city people drove their cars out in the summer, she'd make extra money, setting up her table at the roadside.
Her mother talked with the customers, and Daisy tried to imagine what those people did in the city. It's different than the potato farm, that she knew for sure. 

At the end of the growing season, she'd help her mom boil the jars and can all the vegetables they harvested. They usually had more than enough for the long winter. Alone in the cellar, Daisy couldn't help but admire the colorful fruits and vegetables in the jars, all lined up neatly on sturdy shelves. Pretty work.

But of all the herbs her mother grew to cook with, cheerful Lemon Verbena was Daisy's favorite.

At eighteen, she moved west, into the city. She had been saving her money for years, and her parents were less than happy. But she did what she wanted to do, and that felt good.  
Daisy got a job, pretty quick, because that's what she expected to do. She'd been looking at magazines and cut her hair in the latest style, the day after she found an affordable apartment. A very tiny one. 

With her kind heart, Daisy had no problem making a few good friends.
She adores her dog, Albert, and the feeling is mutual. She chose his name because she read it meant 'aristocratic and bright' and that sounded perfect.

Albert's a scruffy but dignified little guy. She met him during her lunch break one day. As he bounced down the street, Daisy thought he looked like he knew exactly where he was going. She had half a sandwich in her bag, and when she kneeled down to offer it, his hunger and bony frame told her he belonged to no one.

Albert decided he liked Daisy, so he let her take him home.

Most weekends, Daisy leaves Albert alone for a bit, while she has some fun with her friends.
The more secret a Speakeasy is, the more exciting it seems to be! Those girls are always up for something new, but sometimes, it's enough just being out with them, in the big city, sipping on her favorite drink, The Orange Blossom.

Daisy appreciates having Albert there, happy to greet her when she gets home.

She eventually found her favorite lemon soap. It was right there, in a little apothecary shop not far from her apartment.

Daisy grows the herb in one of her mother's old planters, on her kitchen windowsill. She uses it to make her mom's recipe, a tea that cures almost any ailment. When she gets homesick for Long Island, it's fresh citrus scent never fails to lift her mood!

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