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Meet The Flappers


When Lucy was four years old, she'd purposely push her dinner to the floor, just to watch the dog eat it.

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Dating in the 1920s


Did you know that dating, as we think of it, didn't really exist until the 1920's?
Up until that time, a young man would be chosen by the family
 to court, or "come calling" on the young lady.  

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Zelda | Flapper Girl


Zelda's a new Flapper girl. She's far too loud and bossy. Or so she's been told.At 21 years old, she wasn't yet married, and still living in Sheepshead Bay, New York with her father and younger sister, Rose. 

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Daisy's mother said the animals loved her, because they knew how much she loved them back. And young Daisy knew it was true, because she did. She loved them very much.

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Olive, pine or emerald. The shade doesn't matter much. Olivia's favorite color has always been green.

She grew up in the Bronx, NY, where there were only small swatches of it to be seen, in too few months of the year. Except when she worked with her father.

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Since she was a little girl, lavender has always been Sophie's favorite fragrance. It's physical delicacy in relation to the abundance of scent it releases has always been a curiosity to her. It reminds her of being barefoot in the sun on warm grass.

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