The year of hellos & goodbyes

January 13, 2019

The year of hellos & goodbyes

Last year was eventful for me. New things began, and other things ended. If there's anything we can count on, it's beginnings and endings, am I right?

With the promise of a new year, I bought a swanky new monthly planner. As I tried to figure out my goals for the coming months, I couldn't help but look back on all the changes that came about last year. With the sudden clarity of a Monday morning quarterback, here was the gift of hindsight.

I said goodbye to looking at soapmaking as a
side-hustle, and hello to a real business. 

When I ended my massage practice in June, I worried over how people would take my 'quitting' massage. In reality, my clients said goodbye and wished me well, with kind words and encouragement.

Then I adjusted product prices, so I'd actually make a profit, just like a real business. Most of my soap customers didn't bat an eyelash. Since I launched in September, I've had a grand total of ONE push-back on the price increase, and she wanted an explanation. 

I told her the truth, that I'd been breaking even for years, which was ok since I was having fun and making money with my day job. She declined the purchase, and then wished me 'good luck!'

I knew this was destined to happen, and I felt grateful.
I knew that goodbye's are a necessary part of growth. Relationships end, to make room for new ones. I'm grateful for the growing pains. They punctuate an important lesson I've finally had to come to terms with; 

I cannot, and I should not, try to make everyone happy. 

I was making changes, and still am. I said goodbye to flying blind, and hello to mentorship. It was only through this guidance that I was able to take the goodbye's in stride. I learned that it was a good thing, and that I should expect a few. 

I've said goodbye to trying to do everything on my own, and decided that help is actually pretty damn stellar. And accepting it made me want more.

I'm learning how to navigate a new chapter, and I wanted to say thank you.
For your kind words and encouragement. For your appreciation, loyalty and patience. I appreciate your responses to my emails, and your feedback on my creations. And I especially like the stories of how you connect the scents or the products with people you love and remember and those who have inspired you. 

As we begin 2019, I have plenty of new ideas of my own, and I'm always excited to hear yours!
I look forward to bringing you products that offer unapologetic femininity & beauty, while being great for your skin. 

Flapper's made no apologies for themselves, and.. the 20's are coming. 
I'm so glad you're here with us, now, at the beginning. #FlapperGirl

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