Saving Sophie

October 16, 2018

Saving Sophie

I had no intention of getting another dog.
Then plans changed, thanks Instagram.

Bella's our big girl, a Neapolitan Mastiff.
Little Sophie is Bella's brand new pal, a new pack member and Bella couldn't be happier. She's always been a momma at heart.

A couple of years ago I applied to adopt another mastiff dog. I visited him a few times at the shelter, but he went to a family that lived on a farm, Upstate New York. Then I tried for a small dog at a different shelter, but I never heard back on her. I'll assume someone gave her a good home.

I know the little dogs go fast, and the fact that they both got adopted is the ultimate goal, but I'd be lying if said I wasn't disappointed, at least temporarily.

Our Bella is more than a handful, and our daughter's dog is with us, too. Truth be told, I got my hands full. Things always work out the way they should.

And along comes my daily dose of Instagram. I was scrolling through, about two weeks ago and saw a funny looking, little wire-haired dog.

Her ears were too big, and her beard was uneven. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and nothing melts my heart like a doggie with a beard and eyebrows. And she had eyelashes I'd pay for.

They liked my application and this time around, I got her! Sophie's sweet, shows zero signs of aggression, but she's the shyest dog I've ever met. The vet thinks she's somewhere between one and two years old, and I don't think she's ever lived much outside of a crate. Her own freedom seems to scare her the most. 

She likes our other dogs, and sticks close to them, but she's still wary of people. I have to shut the crate door behind her to keep her out of it.

We sit and pet the other dogs while Sophie licks her lips and yawns her nervous yawn, watching from the open crate. I can tell she wants to join in, but she's still accessing the risk.

She tries to keep herself small and safe. If she's very still, I believe she thinks she's invisible. I feel you, girl.
But haven't you heard? All the wonderful things are on the other side of that crate door.

I have complete faith that she'll get there, when she gets there.
Those other dogs weren't for me. Sophie needed me, or maybe that's what I'd like to think. Maybe the joke's on me, and I needed her.
Either way, everything happens for a reason.


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