Penny Candy Crush

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Penny Candy Crush

I've been obsessed with candy since I was a kid.
When my grandfather picked us kids up, our first stop was the candy store.
 "Penny Candy," Saturday Evening Post Cover, September 23, 1944 by Stevan Dohanos

"Penny Candy," Saturday Evening Post Cover,
September 23, 1944 by Stevan Dohanos

As a house painter, he was always in white, with a pack of Parliaments in his t-shirt pocket.
Grandpa had a big, dimpled smile and his dark arms were perpetually speckled with dried paint. I could hear the coins in his pocket, and I knew we'd spend them on candy.

He and my grandmother lived apart, and get this, my grandmother lived next door to a REAL candy shop. How could I not become a little obsessed?

For twenty-five or thirty cents, we loaded up on penny candy. I could easily find the cash beneath my grandma's couch cushions.

This weekend, I'd been thinking on what sweet treat to include in outgoing orders. Because who wouldn't want candy?

I've sent chocolate kisses before, but it melts in warm weather, so it's never been my favorite. As a kid, I always preferred the more colorful candies. The Jolly Ranchers, (remember the flat lollipops?) Tootsie Rolls, Starbursts, Skittles, Swizzlers and the like.

I finally ran out of the Life Savers Wint O' Green mints, so this was a fresh start.
What would I choose? Another important decision to be made. My finalists came down to three different candies.

Made by the Fair Play Caramel Company, BB Bats Taffy Lollipops debuted in 1924. An interesting contender, but I decided they're probably not the best choice for anyone with any sort dental work in place.
BB Bats, you're chewy & delicious. It's nothing personal.

My second runner up was the classic Werther's Originals, in the pretty gold wrapper.
Personally, I think they're delicious, but my research reminded me that they're parodied way too often as by being favored by old people. Not that there's anything wrong with old people, it just wasn't exactly what I was going for.

In the end, Wild Cherry Life Savers come in for the win!

A break out star in the realm of hard candies, they're delicious, they're popular, they're not melty, and they're even vegan! And I ask you, do you know one person who doesn't like cherry?

I ordered seven pounds for good measure. If nothing else, I'll have Wild Cherry Life Savers for years to come. And here's the strange thing; I don't even eat much candy. For the most part, I just really like having it around. Now I know why.

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October 18, 2018

Val, you bring back so many childhood memories. Love reading your blogs. I think we all had that corner candy store growing up. For me it was Bazooka Bubble Gum and Butterscotch Lifesavers….and any chocolate of course. Ahhh, the memories… :)

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