3 Things My Mom Taught Me

April 03, 2019

3 Things My Mom Taught Me

Aren't moms just the smartest? 
Easter is just around the corner, which means
Mother's Day isn't far behind.

So I started thinking about what I was gonna give my mom this year, which only made me think about all the things she's given me over the years.

And sure, there were plenty of 'things' (she's a great cook and a crafty-girl) but I'm talking about the things she's taught me. Here's the short list: 

  • A great love for animals.
  • How to balance my check-book --> to the penny (and trust me, it ain't no easy feat teaching me math)
  • How to cook really good. 

Besides giving her, her favorite lavender soap, every year gets a little tougher to come up with something she doesn't already have.

So, I'm thinking of just writing her a letter.
You know- the kind of assignment you get from your fourth grade teacher, just in time for Mothers Day? 

We all wrote one, "Happy Mothers Day, Mom,
My mother is tall, has brown eyes and likes to help the doctors. She likes to take naps. I like when she sticks up for me."
Written by my son in the fourth grade, of course I still have it. I'm almost positive my mom would enjoy a letter from me, today, telling her how amazing I think she is. 

Will you share with me?
Tell me three priceless things your mom's taught you. I'd love to include your thoughts in another blog, and I'll send you a token of my appreciation in return. 

And if you're lucky enough to still have your mom around, you know she still has that fourth grade letter. Maybe it's time for the sequel?

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