DIY Lip Tinted Lip Balm


DIY Lip Tinted Lip Balm

You can make a brand new, sheer lip tint, from your 'empty' lipstick and lip balms! 

I've always loved make-up, but as a kid, I didn't have much money. I learned how to stretch out what I had, plus I thought it was fun! I've always like figuring out work-arounds, and I still do this out of habit. It's pretty awesome.

You'll need:

  • Your favorite almost-empty lipstick
  • An almost-empty lip balm (any twist-up type)
  • A paper cup (don't use plastic, it'll melt)
  • A paper plate to work over
  • Something to stir with. A plastic utensil works well. You'll use the handle, so anything is fine
  • A small knife to scoop out remaining lipstick & lip balm
  • A microwave

Why not try it?
It's easy, it eliminates waste, and you get an awesome end product. Using your favorite lipstick guarantees a perfect, sheer color.

DIY Lipstick 1. Carefully scoop out the rest of the lipstick from the tube and place it in the paper cup. With a skinny knife, you can dig pretty deep & you'll be surprised at just how much lipstick's still in there!
I like to cut the cup in half, so that it's easy to squeeze, creating a little pour spout.

Once it's empty, discard the lipstick tube. You'll be re-filling the empty lip balm tube with the new mixture.

Next, do the same with the lip balm. Roll it up all the way up and break it off or scoop out the last bit of it, and add it to the cup as well.
DIY Lip Balm
If the little disc at the bottom of the lip balm tube pops out, just place it back on, and hold your finger on it as you twist it back down to the bottom again. Your tube is now ready to refill.

2. Place lipstick and lip balm mix in the microwave.
 Mine usually takes about 50 seconds to melt, give or take.
Give it enough time to become completely liquified, but don't let it get so hot that it bubbles.

I've found it's best to
heat in short bursts of 20 or 30 seconds at a time, to prevent boiling.

3. Blend the liquid mix together with your plastic utensil. If it starts to harden, you can pop it back in the microwave for a few more seconds.
DIY LipstickDIY Lip Balm
4. Next, carefully pour the liquid into the empty lip balm container and let harden. It doesn't take long, but you want to let it cool down completely before capping it. 
DIY LipstickDIY Lip Balm

5. That's it! You've got a new, moisturizing lip tint in your perfect color. Yay!

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March 21, 2020

Thanks for stopping by, Beauty!


March 21, 2020

I have had to deal with chapped lips since forever. I have tried Several Remedies with no improvement. I came across your article and tried some stuff here…been great so far. Thank you for this and please keep it up. I hope you Read My Comment.

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